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One day I was working peacefully and a customer walks in, adorned with a walrus suit. I cannot see his face, so I keep an eye on him to make sure it isn’t a robbery. two minutes later, another person comes in, this time dressed as a hyena. I find the walrus in the drink aisle and the hyena wandering.
Me: *To walrus* Excuse me, but may I help you?
Walrus: *I assume walrus noises*
Me: Excuse me?
Walrus: *Points to some water*
Me: …
Walrus: *Points to freezer*
Me: You want ice?
Walrus: Nods
At this moment, I hear barking, supposedly from the Hyena.
Me: Running to the Hyena*
Me: How may I help you, sir?
Hyena: *Laughs and points to the dog food.*
I pick up the dog food and carry it to the counter, making sure to grab water and ice cube trays on the way. I checked out the Hyena and Walrus. They both pay.
Me: Come again soon!
The Walrus tripped and I didn’t get enough time to help him up, he and the Hyena ran away. This really made my day.

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