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I work at parts store for lawnmowers and one day we had a guy come in looking for a belt for his 46″ cut Murray. Since there can literally be dozens of varieties I as ked for his particular model number. The instant deer in headlights look said no model number. Miraculously I found the correct belt but we had to order it. Disgusted he looked up and saw dozens of belts hanging from the wall and asked if the numbers on them told what deck size they fit. I honestly answered yes along with the part number they also some times include information pertaining to the deck they are intended for. So he smugly pointed out I had a Murray branded belt that said it would fit a 46″ deck and how “he didn’t need no computer neither and something about parts people these days being lazy and all murray 46″ decks are all the same” so while I am imagining him falling into an active volcano I retrieved the belt and lo and behold it was about a foot too long as he compared it to the old belt he already had he asked me as if it was my fault “how come this is different” when I explained that Murray used about six different decks in his size he made me check to see if the right belt was in the right sleeve when he left without the belt without ordering the right belt and more confused than ever it took all I had not to ask if he learned anything