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(I was at a coffee shop in Monroe with my mother. As we walked in, we heard an old woman asking some young girl employees behind the counter where the ketchup was. The ketchup happened to be right next to where she was standing, but the woman didn’t notice.)
Old Woman: Where is the ketchup? Where is the ketchup?
Employee: Ma’am, it’s right over there! *pointing while stifling a laugh*
Old Woman: Where?! *walking around dazed* Is this supposed to be self service or something?
Mother: *fed up* What do you expect? This is *coffee shop name*?
(The woman continues to walk around the store and demand for ketchup. I spot the ketchup across the room and walk over to get it for her.)
Me: Here you go ma’am!
Old woman: *surprised* Oh. Thank you. *muttering* I can’t believe there was only one left!
(There happened to be dozens of ketchup packets but I said nothing. My mother and I then promptly left after the incident.)

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