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(I used to work in a grocery store which also had the possibility of cashing out/putting in money directly to your bank account. We had a regular old lady who used to come in with an expired card or no ID at all. Since I was not at all trained to do these transactions, I had to call the store manager:)

Me: “Hello, what can I do for you today?”

Old lady: “I want take out money from my bank account.”

Me: “Sure, that’s no problem. How much?”

Old lady: I’ll have [Amount of money]”
(She then proceeds to just hand me her card, expecting me to know her pin)

Me: “I’m sorry m’am, but I don’t know your pin. And this card is expired.”

Old lady: “Yes you do. I always use this card!”

(At this point, I actually recognizes her, and call for help, before gesturing to the other customers in line to change registers, as only one can be used for her kind of transaction.)

Me: “There will be someone with you very soon, m’am. It won’t be long.”

(I then move to the other register, just across the lane we are in, when she apparently loses her cool.)

Old lady: “Excuse me!? Where is he? I am waiting. Where the f**k is Frederik. Have you even called for help!?

(I’m just sitting there, reassuring here that help will be there soon, and that I cannot help her. This was a regular occurence, and I never remembered her between each time.)