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Customer: I’d like a turkey sandwich, please.
Me: Oh, I’m sorry miss. We don’t sell sandwiches here. This is an ice cream shop.
Customer: Well do you serve lunch in the kitchen?
Me: No, that’s where we make the ice cream. If you’d like some I’d be happy to help you.
Customer: No, I want lunch. I’m on a break. I’d like a sandwich. Are you sure you don’t serve them?
Me: Yes. We are an ice cream shop. There’s a very popular sandwich shop next door, though, you should try there and tell them I sent you!
Customer: You should change your name then. It is truly misleading–it sounds like a real restaurant with lunch and dinner.
Me: I’m sorry you feel that way but this is an ice cream chain so I can’t change the name, and it says ice cream on the sign.
Customer: Fine. I’ll go next door. If I don’t like my sandwich I expect free ice cream.
Me: I don’t think I can do that without a coupon but I hope you enjoy your lunch. Have a nice day!
(Despite her confusion, she left me a $2 tip without buying anything and never came back!)

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