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So I worked at an international retail chain known for having rather large stores and cheap prices. This particular store though is a bit small for its chain(80,000sq feet compared to the 315,000sq feet of the next nearest store 10 miles away) and as such doesn’t carry all of what everyone usually associates our chain for having on hand across the USA.

Confused looking customer: “Excuse me young man, can you direct me to your RV supplies?” (we get this question all the time)

Me: Sorry Ma’am but we dont carry those supplies here. The next [STORE] 10 miles away has a huge section there.

Customer: (gives me a dumbfounded look) “You dont carry RV supplies? How can you not carry RV supplies!?!” (She has started to scream at this point and is waving her arms around for dramatic effect.) “This is False advertising! This aint no [STORE]!! im going to sue you and the Managers here for False Advertising!! This aint no [STORE] this is a false [STORE]!!!

The Customer turns away, face a shade of purple reserved normally for beets, screaming and ranting the whole way out through the front door about how “This aint no [STORE]!!

It was all I could do to not burst out laughing.