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( I am a front desk agent at a hotel that’s located right off the main parkway running through town. I’m working third shift on this particular night.) 

Me: Thank you for calling (hotel name) this is (my name). How may I help you?

Customer: Yes, I need directions to your hotel. I have a reservation under (their name.)

Me: Yes sir, I do see your reservation. (I then give directions to the hotel. These directions are very simple. You get off the interstate and stay on the same road for 5 miles until you reach the hotel, which is facing the road with a well-lit sign.)

(Over an hour goes by when I receive this call.) 

Customer: This is absolutely ridiculous! I’ve driven miles past where YOUR hotel is SUPPOSED to be only to arrive and find a sign on the door saying the lobby is closed until 7:00 am. How the hell am I supposed to check in?

(This takes me off guard and I actually look outside, knowing there is no sign on the door and it isn’t locked. There also isn’t anyone waiting outside.)

Me: I’m sorry sir but I’m right here at the front desk. There is no sign on the door and our lobby is open 24/7. What businesses do you see around you?

Customer: Ugh! If you’d given me better directions I wouldn’t be out on a wild goose chase. (He complains a bit more then finally tells me what’s around him.)

Me: Okay sir, it sounds like you’re at (different hotel chain a few miles past us that does in fact close their lobby at night. I give him directions to the hotel from his current location.)

(I get a call roughly 15 minutes later from the same customer.)

Customer: Finally! It’s you again! I don’t know what kind of tricks you people are trying to play but I’m tired of it! I’m standing here at the front desk trying to check in and they claim that I don’t have a reservation and they’ve never even heard of you! 

Me: Sir, I am at the front desk desk and I am working alone. Is it possible you’re at another location?

Customer: Are you f****** kidding me? Of course not, I am at the ( same hotel chain) and that’s where i am supposed to have a reservation!

(There is another hotel that shares the same, popular, chain name in the town right past us. I look up the number and call on my cell phone while the man is still ranting and raving; I have him on mute on the work phone.)

Me: Hi, this is (my name) at (hotel name/ location). Is there a guest there by the name of (customer’s name) who is trying to check in but doesn’t have a reservation?

Other desk clerk: Yes… (she sounds kind of relieved as I explain the situation to her.I ask her to put the guest on the phone when he finally stops talking.)

Me: Hello sir. It appears you’re at the (same hotel chain) in (city name). Your reservation is for (hotel name/ correct city name). I’ll be happy to give you directions back to our location.

Customer: Oh no! I’ve had it with your directions! You’ve already gotten me lost twice tonight and I’m too tired to drive back there anyway! I’m staying right here!!

(fed up from this man’s stupidity but still being professional)
I can cancel your reservation sir but you will be charged for tonight’s stay as it is past the 48 hour cancellation policy. 

Customer: It’s the same hotel! You don’t have to cancel the reservation! Just change the location!

Me: That isn’t possible sir. The hotels share the same franchise name but they are independently owned and operated. If you’d like to keep your reservation here I’m sure the desk clerk there will print you directions to get back to our property. It’s only 15-20 minutes away.

Customer: No! I’m not staying at your hotel and I’m not driving one more minute! Cancel the damn reservation since you’re refusing to help me! 

(He hangs up on me without giving the front desk clerk a chance to relay whether or not she will be able to accommodate him. I charged him for the room for one night. The cherry on the cake? He came in the next day, mercifully while I wasn’t working, and demanded he be given the room he paid for from the previous night. He received nothing!)

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