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(this is when I was working at a very popular lingerie store for women where I was an assistant manager. A larger woman with 2 kids and one in a stroller comes up to the cash with many pairs of “Large” sized panties.)

Me: Did you find everything you were looking for today?

Her: Yep, I’m just getting these.

Me: (as I am completing her order) just so you know, as these are underwear they are final sale and you will not be able to return them.

Her: Okay!

(Fast-forward to the next day and guess who shows up!)

Her: I’d like to return these, my husband got me the wrong size.

Me: No. I’m the one who sold them to you, and I happen to know that I told you they were final sale and that they would not be able to be returned.

Her: That’s b***s***! (goes on and on about how it’s not fair that just because she’s big she cant return underwear etc…)

Me: Ma’am, it’s policy.

Her: Get me the manager!

Me: Ma’am, I’m the assistant manager, but my manager is in the back and I can go get her if you want.

Her: YES!

(go to the back, get my manager, tell her exactly what happened)

Manager: We’re not returning your underwear (hands them to her) have a nice day.

(turns around and calls the other store we have in the same mall while the lady is leaving and tells them not to return the underwear. She ended up trying to return the underwear there and they didn’t let her either)

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