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(This comes from a friend, we will call him Bob…)

Bob goes to fit a smoke alarm, no sooner had he put the battery in and fitted it, the alarm sounded.

Bob: (on the phone) this smoke alarm keeps going off.

Sales team: i’m sorry sir, it must be faulty, please come back to the store and we will replace it.

(Bob goes down to the store and get another one, again no sooner was the battery fitted and placed on the bracket, the alarm goes off, he tries to reset it and refit the battery but it happens again.)

Bob: (on the phone) I have been down once already to replace this smoke alarm and the new one keeps going off.

Sales team: I am sorry sir, we must have a had a faulty batch, we have one of the old ones in stock, please come down and we will give you one of them.

(Bob goes down and replaces it once more, but yes the alarm keeps going on, I pop round to see him and he tells me the story.)

Me; Ok, so show me what is happening, I know a bit about these things, maybe I can spot something.

Bob: ok, so watch. (He gets the alarm, fits the battery and raises it above his head, the alarm goes off immediately.) See total rubbish!

Me; (sigh) yeah, it will go off if you are smoking at the time.

(Bob put the cigarette out and amazingly fitted the alarm without any further issue.)