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I was in a health food store buying some stuff while overhearing a conversation between a customer and the cashier. The customer wants to buy a specific product but they don’t have this brand in stock. It seems that he now wants to buy products with the same ingredient in it as the one he initially wanted.

Customer: Is erythrit and erythritol the same?
Cashier: I don’t know. I guess you have to google it.
Customer: How long does it take you to find out for me?
Cashier: Sorry, I can’t do that for you now.

Customer actually calls the company of the specific product he wanted to buy to ask them.
They tell them that it’s the same.

Customer: I just did your job. It’s the same. What products do you have with erythritol?
Cashier: Erythritol is in both of those products.

The cashier is a little bit intimidated and mispronounces the chemical which visibly makes the customer angry.

Customer: Aha! What about this one, which is $1,50 cheaper?
Cashier: No, this doesn’t have it as an ingredient.

He looks at the label of the item and gets even more furious.

Customer: This has 100% erythritol in it!!
(ironically) Do you like your job or why do your customers have to do it for you?

He pays for the item and angrily storms off while the cashier now looks angry but also relieved that he’s gone.