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, | Unfiltered | December 11, 2018

(This was just after I had gotten my first retail job at a toy store. I loved my job so far, but I was very shy and was hired as a cashier. This happened on a day when I was the only cashier and there was a line. A little boy, who looked like he might have some special needs, and his middle aged father were in line and the boy kept staring at me. Finally, they get up to the register.)

Me: Hello there! Find everything okay?

Dad: We did, didn’t we [son]?

(The kid is still staring at me, and says nothing. Smiling awkwardly, I finish the transaction and hand the father his bag.)

Me: Have a great day!

Son: (suddenly turns to his dad and really loudly says) Daddy she’s really pretty!! Are you gonna marry her?!

(Everyone in the line burst out laughing, but I’m not sure who’s face was redder, mine or the dads. I stuttered a bit, trying to think of an appropriate reply, before the dad smiled apologetically and practically dragged the kid out of the store. The kid was screaming “Why can’t you marry her! I like her!” all the way to the door. I was a bit less shy after that, because really, what couldn’t I face after that?)

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