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(this happened while im eating at a local fast food i used to work at)

customer: this burger isnt cooked at all i want it remade.

manager: sorry about that sir we will get a fresh one made right away, it will be about 5-7 minutes.

the customer, after about 2 minutes returns to counter claiming it is taking too long for his food to be made. and demands a refund. the manager obliges and gives him his money back.
the customer, now getting louder and more rude, demands that another apoligy is due.  the manager states that he already apoligized and tried remaking the meal, and while that wasnt good enough for said customer, refunded his money and didnt feel another apoligy was needed.  the customer grabs his soda and storms out, but not before he runs right into a full glass window, causing his soda to explode all over his face and clothes, he drops the soda and storms out the correct door, needless to say the hole store cracked up and karma worked rather quickly that day

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