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| Unfiltered | September 15, 2018

I work in a large retail supermarket, but because ours in particular is located in a shopping centre at the centre of town, we are relatively small in size as most of peoples shops are a basket full at most. Because of this we only open a large checkout when someone with a trolly full comes through (which happens maybe a few times an hour). My coworker and i are working at the 12 items or less when an angry gentleman yells from the back of the line with a trolly full of groceries .
Customer “There are no check outs open!”
My coworker (very politely says) “If you go to checkout number one, and start unloading there, someone will be there to serve you in a moment!”
*Customer starts swearing and says things under his breath at how unbelievable it is*
Seeing that my co-worker seemed a little angry at this guys behaviour, i decided to serve him after finishing with my last sale. Note i am a 20yr old female, though i look 15.
Coworker “are you sure? he is not happy at all and i am not sure how he will react”
I asure her that i will be fine, after all people kept telling me i look too innocent to yell at.
Me “Hi! How are you today?”
Customer starts throwing his groceries on the conveyor belt, almost breaking some items. “Not good! Every single [email protected]*&ing time i come in here i have to ask someone to open up a [email protected]*&ing check out me!”
Me “Oh i am sorry about that! But we are only a small supermarket in the shopping centre, and we mostly get small shops from people who work in the centre after work or people needing a couple of items. We try to keep a look out for people with trolleys and direct them to the large checkout, but sometimes we don’t see! So again i am sorry”
Customer *Ignoring what i just said* ” Its just unbelievable, is it so [email protected]*&ing hard to have a long checkout open?!” H continues ranting like this for a while.
I just keeping loading his groceries up, trying not to show how amused i am at his lack of care for his own groceries. When he picked up his eggs i just kept thinking ‘no matter what, i am going to make you pay for it’.
Customer “Is there a manager i can talk to!”
Me “oh I’m not sure! It is the weekend so he may not be in, but i can ask and see if someone could speak with you if you like?”
Customer “Good!”
I turn around and ask my coworker “is there a manager working that this LOVELY gentleman could speak to?”
My co-worker calls up one of the floor managers, who comes less than a minute after being called, He explains almost the exact same thing that i did to the customer, who insists on using foul language the entire time. I am still putting his groceries though, smiling the entire time and his horrid behaviour, trying to pass it of as good customer service. Eventually the guy calms down after the manager apologises multiple times. After he pays and leaves, i see the manager and co-worker talking to security at the centre. Apparently this isn’t the first time he has been so loud and foul in the centre!
Coworker “are you ok! he was so rude to you and everyone!”
Me “oh that was just hilarious! People like him make my day, not knowing how idiotic they really look!”