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(I’m a young woman who works at a very popularly known video game store. Along with all the other ladies that work with me, I get hit on pretty much a daily basis, just because of our environment, so we get used to it after a while, but we still get the serious creepers when we’re in the store alone. My manager at the time is on break, and I was a keyholder in the store, so I was able to run it without anyone else there, I was about 20 years old at the time, I’ve got my septum piercing  in my nose and a customer mentions it at the register.)

Customer: (looks me up and down in the creepy, obvious way and smiles) “Hi there.”

Me: “Uh, hi, how can I help you today? Looking for any particular game or system?”

Customer: *gestures to my nose* “Did that hurt?”

Me: “Hm? Oh my piercing? I mean, I did shove a 5″ needle through my face, so yeah.” (trying to be a bit sarcastic so he’ll get the point)

(At this point, his buddy comes around the other end of the counter, blocking me behind the registers, and I’m starting to get pretty creeped out.)

Customer: “So…you like pain, huh?”

Me: “Um, excuse me..?”

Customer: “Well, I’ve got some pain for you, right here” *points to his groin*

(being fed up with his blatant sexual harassment at this point)
Me: “Sir, the most painful thing you could POSSIBLY give to me, this the conversation. Now you and your buddy either shop like a normal customer, or I will have to ask you to leave.”

Customer: “Oh, so you must be a lesbian then!” (laughing it up with his buddy)

(Just as all this is going down, my 6’6″ 300lb. manager comes back from his break, sees my face, and decides to come over. Before he can get within 10 feet of me, they see him, and slink out of the store.)

Manager: “Uh, did he ask you if you liked..pain?”

Me: “Yep.”

Manager: “That’s gross. Wanna go to lunch now?”

Me: “Yes please.”