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I handle in-store pickups for online orders and answer the phones at a major electronics retailer (the one with a yellow tag for a logo). Almost every product we sell is electronic, yet I receive some variation of this phone call at least three times per shift:

Me: (Store name and location). This is (My name). How may I help you today?

Customer: Yes . Electronics department, please.

Me: Which department, sir/ma’am?

Customer: Electronics!

Me: Sir/Ma’am, this is (store name). Every department sells electronics. Could you be more specific?

Customer: Just connect me to the (expletive) electronics department!

Me:  Again, every department sells electronics here. Could you describe the product you have questions about so I can direct your call properly? Were you looking at a TV, a laptop, a tablet . . .

Customer: Oh!. TVs, please!

Me: Alright! One moment and I’ll transfer you to the Home Theatre Department.

Me: *transfers call, facepalms, and dies a little inside.