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(The customer is very polite and friendly while I am selling her an mp3 player on the floor, and even doesn’t mind when we don’t have the colour she was hoping for. When I take her to the register to pay, she says no to my Replacement Plan offer, before I get a chance to explain it. We never push warranties in our store, but are of course supposed to make sure the customer understands what it covers, since a lot of customers don’t actually know how it works. If they say no after we’ve fully explained, we don’t go any further. I also like to finish my sentences, so I try to keep going when she cuts me off)

Me: For 10 bucks you can get the replacement plan on this, which gives you  —

Customer: No I don’t want it.

Me: Ok, but you know we don’t send it out for repairs, though, right? We actually just give you a new mp3 player, or the dollar value in store credit.

Customer: No, I’ll be careful with it.

Me: That’s great, but it’s actually going to cover —

Customer: NO! I don’t want it!

Me: Ok, sorry, I just wanted to make sure you understand, that’s all.

Customer: You’re pushing me!

Me: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to push, I was just trying to explain it. No worries.

Customer: YES you were pushing, and you ALL PUSH!

(I just stopped talking then)

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