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, | Unfiltered | July 26, 2018

I’m the customer in this story. Granted it was during a period with a lot of stress and little sleep, but that’s not really an excuse. I had bought ground beef in bulk and repackaged it into 1 pound portions in freezer bags. I’d discovered in doing so that the product weighed less than I’d paid for so I’d returned to the store to get an adjustment.

Customer Service Agent: “How can I help you; do you have a return?”

Me: “No, not a return, an adjustment. I paid for 10 pounds of ground beef but there were only 8 pounds in the package.”

Customer Service Agent: “Do you have the receipt and the product?”

Me: “Here’s the receipt and the packaging it came in, but the ground beef has already been repackaged and is in the freezer at home.”

Customer Service Agent: “We do require the product to weigh to determine the difference. Is there a reason you didn’t bring it with you?”

Me: “Because it’s already repackaged. It’s not in the original packaging.”

Customer Service Agent: “But you still could have brought it in with you.”

Me: “As I said, it’s already split into smaller portions and in the freezer so I’m not able to bring it.”

Customer Service Agent: “I’ll go ahead and make the adjustment, but if this happens again, you’ll need to bring the product in.”

Me: *under my breath* “What do you want me to do; it’s already repackaged and in the freezer!”

It wasn’t until I got back home that I realized why the customer service agent, while remaining polite during the transaction, looked at me like I was an idiot, that I could very well have taken the smaller bags in to be weighed and being repackaged was not a valid reason for not doing so. I’m really not always so addle-brained.

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