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| Unfiltered | July 26, 2018

I am the difficult customer in this Story, as I‘m shopping for new glasses.

Not having decided yet, I struggle with the huge amount of designs, going from „I want something decent, a barely noticeable style of glasses“ and „Maybe I want some awesome, nerdy extravagant Style“

The poor young man who offered his help tried his best to hide his desperation, as I tried glasses after glasses, handing him each one back and stating why I don‘t like them.

Me: (cheerful) Oh look, this one is not too bad. We are one the right track, I think.

Employee: (slightly exhausted) You just tried them, and you didn‘t like the colours!

Me: Really? Oh. Well, seems like I tell a lot oft nonsense, I really like this glasses!

Employee: … (biting his tongue und trying very hard not to response)

I ended up buying these glasses, and couldn‘t be happier with them.
Thanks for putting up with me, I couldn‘t have keep my calm if I had been in his role!

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