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I waitress at a local diner, but we have a bar that shares the same building. Every day for the past week, we’ve seen the same group of rowdy guys. They get drunk and make other customers uncomfortable. Usually the manager handles these customers. Today the group sits down and since the manager isn’t around, I walk over to take their order

Me: Hey gentlemen, how can I take your order today?

costumer # ! *Visibly drunk*: You babe, You know what a large shoe size means?

I’ve heard this line before, and have planned my retaliation.

Me: Lack of brain?

The costumer proceeds to jump up and grab my t-shirt, and at the same moment, the manager runs out of the back room. He is still holding the broom. The manager furiously whacks the broom upside the guys head. The drunken guys buddies stand up, and I expect them to try to beat us up, but customer 2 just drags customer 1 to his feet.

Customer #2: Damnit [Customer #1]! I can’t take you anywhere!
He turns to us: Sorry, he won’t be coming back again.

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