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, | Unfiltered | June 20, 2018

I am a cashier at the local hardware store and I finish ringing out a customer and he walks out, about 30 seconds later he return and cuts right in front of the current customer I am ringing out and throw a dime on the counter.
Customer: You gave me a Canadian dime!!! it’s only worth six cents in Canada!! I want a new one
Me: but sir, we are in America, it’s worth a normal dime here
Me: ok, but I have to finish the current transaction I am doing before I can open my drawer.
Customer: NO, NEW ONE!!! NOW!!!
At this point I just quickly put a dime out of my own pocket and give it to him to get him out of the store
Next Customer: wow, never seen someone care so much over 4 cents when he is not even in the right country.
I will never understand some people