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(There is a little display of chocolates at the cash that is yet to be signed, and a customer picks one of the chocolates up)

Customer: So these are free, then?

Me: No, they’re $1.48

Customer: Well there’s no sign, so it’s free.

(I laugh a little, thinking she’s joking)

Customer: I’m serious.

Me: Oh, well, no, just because there’s no sign doesn’t mean it’s free. It just hasn’t been priced yet.

Customer: Well if you don’t have a sign, you have to give it to me for free!

Me: If the sign said Zero dollars, I would have to give it to you for free.

Customer: Well you should have a sign on it!

Me: I agree, but we just opened, and we haven’t gotten to it yet. (I grab a stack of newly printed signs off the printer from the counter behind me and hold them up) It’s on the to-do list, but unfortunately, it takes time to put them all out. They’re $1.48

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