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I worked as a contractor for the U.S. military in the Middle East. One of the positions I held was in the division that used to be called the Motor Pool. Several times a day we would have military personnel come in and try and get a vehicle even though they did not have orders allowing them to get one. This is what happened one time after I explained the policy to one soldier:

Sargent:        What do you mean I can’t have a vehicle? Do you know who I am?
Me:             Yes sir. Your name and rank are very visible on your uniform.
Sargent:        Well…
Me:             Well what Sargent? I’ve already explained the procedure to you.
Sargent :       Give me a damn vehicle!
Me:             Sargent. I have already explained the procedure to you. You have not been authorized to have a vehicle but since you feel so vehemently that you should have one outside of the military rules and regulations I would be happy to call the General’s office and let them know that you, by name and rank, feel that they do not know what they are doing and that you feel you the rules should not apply to you.
Sargent:        *storms out*

At this point I go about helping the other soldiers in line who have all been, and continue to be, respectful and follow the regulations.

Door opens and the Sargent walks back in looking like he just had his butt chewed out. He is escorted by a Colonel that I have dealt with many times before.

Colonel:        Ma’am. This soldier has something he would like to say to you.
Sargent:        Ma’am. I was out of line. I should not have spoken to you in that way especially since you never raised your voice and politely explained the rules and regulations to me.
Me:             (a little stunned) Thank you Sargent.
Sargent:        Turns and walks quietly out of the office.
Me:             Colonel? Were you in here when this happened?
Colonel:        Yes Ma’am.  I saw the whole thing. He had no reason to take his anger out on you.
Me:             Sir, he was mad at the situation not at me but thank you for doing that.

Colonel, if you are reading this, once again I would like to say thank you. You made that day brighter.

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