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Me: “Thank you calling [Law office], how can I help?”

Client: “I’m here for my appointment, but I don’t know which door to use.”

Me: “The front door, please, ma’am. It looks like a large window with slats over it, but it’s really our door.”

Client: “Oh. Okay.”

(I wait five minutes for the front door to open, but it never does, so I go searching for her. The client has come through the back door, which is a solid white door that’s discretely placed on the side of the building, and leads through our kitchen. She has also gotten into our fridge and is sitting at one of the tables, eating someone’s lunch out of a bag clearly marked with a coworker’s name.)

Me: “Ms. [Client], I’m afraid you came in the wrong way, and that food belongs to one of the people who work here.”

Client: *Staring at me while she eats a sandwich* “Okay.”

Me: *Moving the bag away from her* “Please don’t eat other people’s food.”

(She glares at me and snatches the bag away from me. She shoves the sandwich in the bag, then throws it all in the trash, and stomps out.)

Client: “Thanks for ruining my appetite!”

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