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(I have a friend who has the worst luck when it comes to anything medical. She is a walking “if it can go wrong, it will.” A few years ago her arm was injured at work when she fell while holding a tray of dishes. What was initially thought to be a minor injury has turned into a major issue resulting in the doctors having to break her ulna, pull the bone back, and screw it all back together. Then they found out that she was allergic to the screws used, which isn’t supposed to happen, and that she had a blood clot. They remove the screws and put her on blood thinners.

A week after they remove the screws a piece of the bone breaks between the screw holes and starts floating around her arm. Because she is on blood thinners they don’t want to do the surgery to fix this until the blood clot has dissolved. A few weeks after she gets this news she calls me crying because something feels wrong, but she thinks the doctors think she is either crazy or drug seeking. She asks me to come with her for her appointment and I agree. )

Nurse: “What brings you in today?”

Friend: “I’m having a pain in my leg that feels like I have another blood clot.”

Nurse: “Ok, well I see you’re on blood thinners so that isn’t possible, but we’ll have the doctor take a look.”

She leaves and we wait a bit until the doctor comes in with the nurse.

Doctor: “The nurse tells me you think you have another blood clot. You are still on blood thinners and have been for a few weeks now so it really isn’t possible for you to have a blood clot.”

Friend: “My leg really hurts and the pain feels exactly like the blood clot felt like. Please will you test me?”

The doctor sighs and agrees. He tells the nurse to do a bleed test and that he will be back in a few minutes. The nurse tells my friend that she will get a series of shallow cuts, because of the blood thinners it might look like shes bleeding a lot but it will be fine. That they just need to time it. After she makes the cuts my friends blood comes out like syrup, thick and slow. You can see the look of shock on the nurses face.

Nurse trying to act normally: “Well, I’m going to go get the doctor and will be back in a minute.”

(It turned out that my friend had a blood clot. They were eventually able to get the blood clots to stop happening. They ended up taking bone from her hip to graft her arm back together. The entire thing took over 2 years from the initial fall. She confided in me that her other arm also hurts, but that she’s afraid to see a doctor about it. )