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(It was May 4th, Star Wars Day when this took place. I’m in a group boot camp with my trainer. He has been my trainer for some years, and we are both in our late 20s. He and all the boot camp members know I’m a nerd and be sarcastic to the trainer. We were doing our after-workout stretch as our cool down, and this gem presented itself. )

Boot Camp Member: Any exciting plans today, Personal trainer?
Personal Trainer: Yup! My wife and I are going to watch the Original Star Wars today for Star Wars Day!
(All the members give him a blank stare, and I can tell he is about to explain, so I raise my hand in a Vulcan salute and say:)
Me: May the Force be with you!
Everyone turns and it clicks, there are some laughs. My trainer calmly stops his stopwatch.
Personal Trainer: Okay we are done, except (my name) you have twenty burpees.

(Thankfully I knew he was joking, but for a second I did think he was serious).

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