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| Unfiltered | February 4, 2018

So I worked last summer at a popular amusement park. At this park there were many different sections (food, merchandise, games, entertainment etc.) and sometimes guest get confused if there is a sale in one department but not others.

[Guest brings two cotton candy bags to the cash. Note: sale going on in FOOD department for two for one cotton candy. I feel deep dread bc I already know how this conversation is going to go] two cotton candies please

[Me]: okay that’ll be $[xx]

Customer: NO! It’s two for one

Me: no that’s only in food sir. But (pulls out map) I can show you the closest place to get that deal

Customer: I got this deal here last year

Me: well I wasn’t here last year but this year it is only at food locations

Customer: let me speak to your leader

I get my team lead whose already rolling her eyes as she walks up to the cash.

She tells him EXACTLY what I said so he wants to speak to our manager. Our manager isn’t in the store so my lead calls her. She refused to come down to our store for such a stupid complaint

The customer started yelling and took down all of our names and numbers and went to guest service

He never came back and now I have a good story to tell at dinner.

I think he saw two young women (both of us were under 18 at the time) and thought he could intimate us

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