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| Unfiltered | February 3, 2018

So this story is a nice one about a really pleasant customer

Customer walks in and says her mom bought her something yesterday and she wants to return it. She has the original packaging, bag, and receipt. I felt so blessed because she was going to be an easy sale
Then when I open the box I see its earrings. Earrings are final same due to hygenic reasons even though i can see she didn’t wear them (the plastic cover was still on)

Me: sorry it’s earrings I can’t return them because its unhygienic

Her: oh okay. Is that in the receipt?

Usually we circle where our return policy is but her receipt didn’t have it circled.

Me: oh it’s on the bottom. Usually we circle it.

girl: (reads the receipt) oh ya you can’t return earrings. Thanks anyways

Me: oh it’s my pleasure

This is how you treat people!

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