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A minor note before I go into this story. I work in tech support. We’re not talking the “have you rebooted it” outsourced type, but serious tech support. The kind that deals with digging through code to fix issues, patching, and some hardware support.

Recently I found myself thinking about upgrading my graphics card, not because I really needed one, but I thought it’d be just a nice change compared to what I had. So with that in mind, I headed down to the local big box tech store on my way home after work. I head inside, wander back to the parts department, and start looking through the shelves for the specific card I’d had my eye on. It’s about this time that one of the salesmen approached.

Sales: Finding everything you need?

Me: Not entirely sure.

Sales: Well what do you need help with?

Me: I’m looking at getting a new Graphics Card, but…

Sales: (Cutting me off) Well, it depends what you’re doing with it. Take this (Grabs a cheap card) It’s good for most things, but you don’t want that. Nah, you need this. (Grabs the most expensive card.)

Me: You think so huh?

Sales: Oh yeah. I’m an expert!

Me: -muttering “sure you are.”- (aloud): I get that you’re trained in these things to some degree, but you didn’t let me finish explaining the issue.

Sales: -rolling his eyes- Oh, go on then.

Me: As I was about to say, I’m looking for a Graphics Card, but I’m not sure what kind of connector this type has or if it’s for a Laptop or Tower. It doesn’t say it on the box, and I need a specific type to fit my system.

Sales: They’re all the same thing! I don’t know what gives you the idea they’re different.

Me: Education, training, experience…

Sales: What?

Me: Ever hear of [well known tech support company]?

Sales: And?

Me: (producing badge) I’m a technical support agent for them. So yeah, the connections are different. I don’t need the up sell into something more expensive than what I want, and I don’t need the condescending “I know everything” attitude. I just need to know what kind of connection this is, or if it’s for a Laptop or tower.

Sales: Whatever. They’re the same <censored> thing! Here. (Grabbing a box off the shelf.) That’s the one you want.

With that he left.

I ended up having to go back a second time, returning the one he picked up when I found out that yes, it was a Laptop card. I also had a long talk with the department’s manager, and the store manager about my experience. They ended up trading me the PC version (which was 50 bucks more) even for the laptop card I’d picked up, and assured me that they were going to have a long sit down with that employee. I got the impression that this wasn’t the first time something like that had happened.

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