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I am working in the deli section of a supermarket stocking a new shipment of groceries when a customer walks up to me

Customer: Hey boo, do y’all have any of those “Fotu” rolls

Me, almost instantly trying not to laugh: You mean TOFU?

Customer: “No not Tofu, Fotu. you know, that raw fish stuff or whateva'”

Me: “We do have TOFU, but if you mean SUSHI rolls, I can show you where it is”

Customer, now getting upset: “I DIDN’T SAY I WANTED TOFU. I WANT FOTU!!!”

Me, trying my absolute hardest not to bust up laughing: “Ok ma’am, I apologize, let see if we can find you some “Fotu” (leads her to the seafood section, and points to the pre-packaged sushi rolls)

Customer: “Yeah that’s it!!! Thanks boo!! — WAIT. Why does it say sushi then? I TOLD YOU I wanted Fotu!” (She throws the package back in the deli case and storms off)

Manager, watching the entire time: “After that I think you need to GoTu your break right about now, I’ll finish the deli”

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