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(We make several trips a year, to a small town in another state, to visit relatives. We see a new restaurant in that town and decide to try it out. Upon entering, I see a chalkboard with “New… Cheeseburgers”. When the waitress arrived, I ask:)

Me: “Since you have cheeseburgers, you have hamburgers as well, right?”

Waitress: *pauses a bit* “Yes.”

(The rest of our table orders their meals. When my turn arrives, I asked for a hamburger, with mayo, lettuce and tomato only. After a short wait, my order appears, but it is a cheeseburger. I point that out to the waitress, and she takes my order back to the kitchen for a re-do. Subsequent trips… same restaurant… different waitresses, same cook, same “hamburger with mayo, lettuce and tomato only” order (their burgers are really quite tasty!) On each trip, it was an adventure to see what arrived. Cheeseburger, or loaded hamburger, or burger with everything BUT lettuce, tomato, mayo, or a burger with mustard instead of mayo. The puzzled waitresses assured me they wrote down what I wanted. The order was corrected each time, but the rest of the party was well through their meals before I received what I ordered. On the last trip, I decided to order something different; an Italian Sub. Rather than repeat the “mayo, lettuce and tomato only” mantra again, I wanted everything but mustard. Guess what I found after the first bite? Yep… a loaded sub with mustard. The waitress showed me the slip, and she had written “NO MUSTARD” in caps, just to make sure… but the cook ignored it. Order returned. “Fixed” order received… with the bite in the bun still visible, but the mustard scraped off. The sandwiches, once “fixed” were very good… but, I am beginning to think that restaurant’s cook wants me to go on a diet, by adding things I really do not like!)