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I’ve worked in a warehouse for nearly four years. While the pay is decent, the main problem is the lack of safety care in there by the coworkers, particularly with the PIT (Powered industrial truck) machines. While I work there for two days a week (part time because I’m in college), there’s rarely a work day that goes by when I’m operating a PIT, specifically an Order Picker, where I don’t see a major safety violation, like driving into the racks backwards and driving by another Order Picker when they’re in the air.
When this day is nearly over, as I am dropping off a cage full of items into the drop zone, one coworker drives in from the northern side. While technically the entry-way to the drop zone is the southern end, it’s alright when you have enough room to drive in and spin around. However, my coworker slams their cage connected to their Order Picker to another cage on the ground and, if it weren’t for the two other cages connected to it, it would’ve been sent rolling around. While I could say that, to their credit, the coworker straightens out the cages, except they almost immediately misaligned them when getting their cage off of their Order Picker and dragging it to the intended drop zone through the cages they slammed into.

What makes it rather egregious was that the coworker, given the vest they were wearing, is one of the safety ambassador in the building.