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My store sells tobacco products and I am one of the people who can sell them. Laws depending on where you live are different. I am in a province in Canada that legal age to BUY is 18 however law says if they appear to be under 30 I have to ID them. The law is very strict because if you are caught selling to a minor it is a $3000 personal fine (person who sold it) and the business also receives a $3000 and loss their tobacco license. It goes without saying I would also be fired. Oh and reaching for the product before checking ID is intent to sell and same fines apply.
One busy day I have an older man come to my till. I notice a young girl which I guess is about 15 and a boy 8 or 10 standing behind.
Man “pack of smokes”
Get him smokes tell him price
Man “debt ”
I activate machine and tell him he may insert the card. To my horror he steps aside and the young girl pulls out her card.
Me “I’m sorry if she’s paying I need to see her ID”
Man “they are for me”
Me “she’s paying she doesn’t look of age”
Man “I’m fifty-f******-three”
Takes the card from girl and inserts it. I reach over and thankfully manage to hit cancel on the machine.
Man “what the f***”
Me “sir I know the card is hers and I can not legal let you use it until I see her ID”
Man “fine I’ll go to competitor”
Me “go ahead they are bound by they same laws we are!”
Man “f*** you I’m going over there and never coming back you arrogant son of a b****”
He yells this at me as he marches out the door the girl and boy follow. The boy stops for a second to turn around and flip me off.

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