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(I have spoken with a woman earlier this day who thought that our prices for a consult were a little high. I offer her the number of the state lawyer referral service as they will refer to attorneys and will charge about half of what we do. I tell her to call back if they can’t help though and we will still be happy to help her. The phone rings and it’s the same lady)
Customer: Hi, I called earlier and you gave me that referral number and they were very rude to me! They even hung up on me!
Me: Oh, I’m sorry about that! I’d be happy to set something up with one of the attorneys for you as we discussed previously.
Customer: I can’t believe you would refer people to them!
Me: Again, I’m very sorry. We are not associated with them, but I’d be happy to help you now.
Customer: She didn’t even listen to what I was saying!
Me: I apologize you had such a bad experience.
Customer: You should know about this if you refer people to them! I am going to file a BBB complaint against them!
Me: Well, they are operated through the state bar association, so you could probably speak to them. Would you like to set something up like we talked about previously!
Customer: Yes, I’d like to set something up for the day we talked about, but I need to check my work calendar and call you back.
Me: ….Sure, we’ll be here the rest of the day.
(She still hasn’t called back. I understand being annoyed, but there was nothing I could do about the situation.)

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