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| Unfiltered | December 21, 2017

I work at a housing company and we recently installed a chat. Whenever we send out a repair(wo)man, an automatic phone-survey calls the tenant. Some people don’t like (‘I don’t like computers’) it and just hang up. A chat pops up for me to answer. When I see the name, I immediately recognise the lady who contacts us for every tiny thing and then keeps on asking the same question over and over again. I am determined to keep this conversation short, as it is quite busy.

Woman: I was called by a computer because of a repair and I don’t like it.

I want to reply, but she types on.

Woman: A computer is so unpersonal!
Woman: Why won’t you hire a person?
Woman: You should hire a person.
Woman: You could hire me.
Woman: I need a job for about 24 hours a week.

Considering how this lady practically looked up one of our consultants’ home adress, because things didn’t go fast enough for her, I really can’t imagine her fitting in the workplace. However, everyone deserves a chance!

Me: I can imagine you prefer a human. Right now, we don’t have any openings for this survey, but you can always send your CV to [e-mail address] and maybe we have something for you. Can’t promise, though, but we could take a look for you.

She starts typing again, I brace myself for the lengthy answer.

Woman: Oh, never mind, then. *closes chat*

Baffled by this short answer I wondered why she said ‘never mind’, but then headed over to the next customer. I couldn’t find a reason why she’s want to do surveys for 24 hours a week, because I did surveys for 1 hour and already went crazy (kudos for those who can do this for longer than 1 hour).