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As the Head Host of a very expensive steak house, I have had my share of celebrity run ins. All of them nice, except for one. We have this Baseball player who is well known in my city who is very fond of my restaurant. He will come in with his whole family, about 12 or 13 people. He always demands a private room which we normally charge for, and he gets it, free and his family destroys the room. Every time. I am talking food ground into the carpet, just wrecks it. Will run up an 900 dollar check, and then tip the server 10 bucks. Servers DREAD him coming in. So, one Friday night around 10:45, I get a phone call “Hi, this is <Baseball Player’s Name>’s Agent, have you heard of him?” For some reason the agent ALWAYS says this when he calls. “Well, he would like a table after the game” to which I replied “Uh, It’s 10:45 and we close at 11, and I am able to see the TV in the lounge and he is on it right now at the stadium, so there is no way he can make it in time” and the agent says “Oh, I don’t think you understand, this is for <Baseball Player>” and I said “I don’t think you understood ME, we close at 11, he can’t get here in time, the answer is NO, Have a nice day” and hung up. I was really irritated as it was a long night and I watch out for my servers and I KNOW there would have been a revolt if I had allowed it. So 5 minutes later, I get another call. “Hi, this is Meghan with the <Baseball Team> and I am a public liason and I am calling..” and I said “I’m gonna stop you right there. His agent called, I said no” and she said “Oh, I am sorry, didn’t know someone asked” to which I replied “Oh yes you did, thats why you are no calling. No means no, Have a nice night”. I was really steaming by that point. But as I am quick to get ticked, I cool off just as fast and I was thinking maybe I should have said yes because the owner is good friends with the team. So I went to the General Manager and told him what happened. He said “I am glad you said no, I would have been here all night!”. Funny side note. The Baseball Player DID show up at 11:30 and tried to push his way past me. I held the door closed and shook my head no and pointed at my watch. Should have treated your servers better in the past. Your past actions dictate your future treatment.

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