Your (Day)Dream Customer

| Working | August 23, 2013

(I am working the register. Unfortunately, I get distracted and stare into space, not noticing a customer waiting to order.)

Me: *stares into space*

Manager: “Hey! Hey!” *pushes me* “There’s a customer there. Pay attention!”

(There is a girl of about 16 standing there, grinning at me.)

Girl: “Oh, there was no need for that. It was nice watching her think! But could I order now?”

Manager: “Yes, yes, I’m so sorry. That was so rude of her.”

Girl: “No, no, it’s fine! There’s nothing wrong with staring into space. Daydreaming is actually psychologically good for you, you know.”

Manager: “Well, yeah, but she thinks too much anyway.”

Girl: “No, sir, you can’t think too much! What do we have brains for, anyway, if you’re not going to think! Hooray for thinking people! They’re great! I bet your employee’s one of them.”

Manager: *laughs creepily* “Well, I bet she’s thinking about me.”

Girl: *stares him up and down* “No, sir, I really don’t think she’s thinking about you. And even if she was, it’s probably not in the way you think. If you think at all. Can I just order now?” *turns to me* “I just used the word ‘think’ four times in a sentence!”

(This is probably one of the strangest and most wonderful customers I ever have. The manager just walks off in confusion and the customer tips me anyway!)

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