Studiously Avoiding Responsibility

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(I am in high school. During lunch, seniors are allowed to go out to eat. Due to not having a class scheduled afterwards, my girlfriend and I can actually take our time to get a proper meal. We go to a fast-food place that is fairly close to the school.)

Me: “Hello. I’d like three chicken sandwiches, a large fries and two small sodas.”

Cashier: “All right, sir, that will be [price].”

(We pay and move to the back of the restaurant to wait for our order. Since the restaurant is fairly crowded, we decide to simply pull out a pair of books and read for a bit. After a while I decide to see how our orders are going.)

Me: “Sorry to bother you, but we’ve been waiting fifteen minutes for our order; are you guys backed up or is there something wrong?”

Cashier: “Don’t you rush us, kid. Can’t you see we have a lot of orders to handle?! You’ll get your food when it’s ready and don’t you bother me again.”

(Not wanting a fight, I simply go back to reading. After another 10 minutes have passed, the restaurant has cleared out of the other students, and my girlfriend and I look up to see the assistant manager.)

Assistant Manager: “Look, kids, we can’t have you loitering around. Now, the [High School] lunch period is almost over, so why don’t you get back to class before you’re truant?”

Girlfriend: “Whoa, were not leaving without our food. How long does it take to make three sandwiches and a side of fries?!””

(My girlfriend hands the assistant manager our receipt.)

Assistant Manager: “Excuse me, miss.”

(The assistant manager goes into the back room and we hear some mumbling, followed by a yell.)

Assistant Manager: “30 minutes ago?! Why hasn’t this order been filled out yet?!”

(After several minutes scrambling, we finally get our order from a rather embarrassed assistant manager.)

Assistant Manager: “I am so sorry for the delay. Apparently one of our cashiers didn’t see you in the restaurant anymore, and figured you had already left and simply cancelled your order in the queue. If you don’t have time to eat, I can easily refund your money and offer you a gift card for $10.00 on any future orders.”

Me: “We actually do have time to eat due to our schedules.”

Assistant Manager: “Well that’s a relief. But I’ll still give you the card. Sadly, one of my employees resents the heavy student lunch rush, and frequently ‘forgets’ orders so he doesn’t have to deal with them.”

(I found out a few week later that the employee in question was transferred to the graveyard shift so he wouldn’t have to deal with ‘annoying students’ anymore. Now he’s stuck dealing with stoners and hangovers.)

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