Will Have To Bear With His Testing Humor

| Learning | December 4, 2015

(The teacher is known to be extremely serious, strict, and silently disapproving of even the slightest non-attentive or educational action. It is the beginning of class and he has just handed out packets.)

Teacher: “All right, everyone, when you’re ready, take out a piece of paper and a pencil and begin the test.”

(Everyone panics, because there was no test scheduled today.)

Teacher: “Just kidding.”

Student #1: *whispers* “Holy s***, I almost had a heart attack.”

(Later on in the class.)

Teacher: “…This political cartoon does in fact make a reference to the Teddy Bear Revolution…”

Student #2: “What’s the Teddy Bear Revolution?”

Teacher: “It’s when every year teddy bears across the world line up to march in unison down the streets of New York.”

Student #2: “Really?”

Teacher: “No, [Student #2]. I’m kidding.”

Student #1: “Oh, my god, he’s being funny.”

Students #3: “Is he high?”

Student #4: *whispers* “The world is ending. I just know it.”

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