Developing Negative Attendance Records

| Learning | December 5, 2015

(The class tends to talk a lot in the darkroom at the printing table, as it’s mostly waiting. The teacher is printing a photo with us. It’s one of last days of the semester.)

Teacher: “I was looking at your attendance record, [Student #1]. You’ve been away 63 days.”

Student #1: *laughing* “Oh, that means I’ve been here seven days! That’s better than I thought!”

Me: *in total disbelief* “What? I’ve never skipped a class in my life!”

Student #2: “Whoa, what? Not even once?”

Me: “…”

Student #1: “That’s crazy! So what do you do?”

Me: “…I go to class.”

Teacher: *laughs*

Student #2: “Like, every day?”

Me: *losing temper slightly* “Seriously? I’m at school. I go to class. Isn’t that why you go to school? Isn’t that the POINT of school?”

Teacher: “THANK YOU.”

Student #1: *still caught up on the “never skipped class” part* “Whoa…”

Me: “I’ve never even been late! And I’m coming from the first floor to third! What are you guys doing?”

Student #2: “You’ve never been late?”

Me: *groans*

(They finish, and leave without taking full care with their photos, leaving the teacher and me.)

Me: “I thought people like that were only in books…”

Teacher: *laughs* “I wish I had a class full of you.”

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