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Wants You To Work Second-Class

| Working | July 7, 2017

(We are timed from the moment we start serving a customer to the moment we serve off their order. The customer should only be waiting 120 seconds for their food. This particular day, I am the person in charge of bagging orders, when my boss comes up to me.)

Boss: “So, [My Name], what’s the maximum time a customer should be waiting to be given their order?”

(I didn’t actually know the answer to this, as the majority of my shifts were, up to this point, in the kitchen. However, whenever I was bagging orders, I always tried to keep my times down below 100 seconds.)

Me: “Umm, I’m not sure, but for me, I like to keep my times around 90-95 seconds.”

Boss: “For you, I want you to keep them at 120.”

Me: “You mean you want me to work less hard, and make the customer wait longer to be given their meals?”

Boss: “Just keep it at 120, and don’t argue.”

Me: “So your expectations of me are lower than the expectations I set for myself?”

(My boss just walked off and didn’t answer. Months later, her attitude hasn’t changed. She goes on holidays in about a month, and the employees simply can’t wait!)

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