Wants To Have His Cake And Touch It

| Romantic | January 23, 2014

(My boyfriend and I have been dating for nearly six months. We are sitting on his couch, talking about the first time we went out. As a little background: when we went to the movies together for the first time he still had a girlfriend, but I had a crush on him and I could tell he had a crush on me, so I wanted to see where it would go.)

Boyfriend: “Yeah, but I knew what you were up to when you invited me out.”

Me: “No, you didn’t! If you did, why did you try to touch my boob when we were halfway through the movie?”

Boyfriend: “Because I was there with a pretty girl and—”

Me: “So you would have done that with anyone?”

Boyfriend: “No! I mean… Well, I… um…”

Me: “It wasn’t because you were there with me?”

Boyfriend: “I was… Um, I meant… I… um… I like cake.”

(It took me nearly five minutes to stop laughing.)

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