Waiting For A Year

| Romantic | September 13, 2013

(My husband and I have just had a baby. It is a month before our first anniversary. We know that with our little guy, going to a super fancy restaurant is out, so my husband opts for making me a fancy dinner at home. He decides to keep his ‘lounging around the house’ clothes on to be my waiter, and then disappears to change into a nice button up shirt and slacks. After we are done eating, he disappears again and comes back in his ‘waiter’ clothes.)

Husband: “Hello, ma’am, I apologize for not checking up on you during the meal.”

Me: *laughing* “Come here you goof!”

(I give him a big kiss. He continues with the waiter act, motioning to his empty chair.)

Husband: “Was someone sitting here?”

Me: “No, he left. He had more pressing issues to attend to.”

Husband: “More pressing than being with this beautiful lady?”

Me: “Apparently. That’s why I kissed the waiter!”

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