Very Disempowering

| Friendly | March 21, 2015

(I share an apartment with a classmate. When his girlfriend is visiting we experience a power outage. I check the fuse panel, and sure enough one has popped.)

Me: *knocking on roommate’s door* “A fuse has popped. I’ll turn the main switch to ‘off’ while I replace the fuse.”

(A while later I go to my room to check if merely the fuse change was enough, and everything is fine for a while, but the power goes out again, so I go to check the fuse panel, only to find my roommate there inspecting the panel.)

Me: “What is it?”

Roommate: “This fuse is still popped, see?” *pointing at the red piece of metal that flies off when a fuse pops* “I thought you said you’d replace the fuse?”

Me: “…I did. Look at the fuse. That red thing is from the old one, and the power is restored.”

Roommate: “Well, not in my room.”

Roommate’s Girlfriend: “[Roommate], did you check your extension cords? The ones with their own breakers?”

Roommate: “…F***!”

(I switched the power back on and the two went back to his room, and soon enough I heard the sound of his PCs fans running at 100% during the booting process. I think I have pretty good idea of what caused the power surge, considering I had seen the two extension cords with 10 sockets each, which was five times the original number of power outlets in the room.)

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