Vacation Time Waits For No Boss

| Working | January 22, 2016

(In one week, I’m transferring to another department. My new boss and I have hit it off, and I’m very excited to work for her. My current boss has a “blackout list” of vacation days that I’m not allowed to request off, because those are what she wants off.)

Current Boss: “Oh, remember to ask [New Boss] about your vacation time. You’ve got that week off coming up next month, and you better make sure it’s not on her blackout list.” *smirks* “You might have to change it.”

Me: “WHAT?!”

Current Boss: “I’m just saying. I approved it off, but SHE might not.” *walks away*

(I become very upset, as I’m planning on being out of state that week. I call my new boss.)

New Boss: “Hi, this is [New Boss].”

Me: “It’s [My Name], and I had a question for you about vacation time.”

New Boss: “Oh good! I’ve been meaning to call you about that! You’ve got some coming up, don’t you?”

Me: “Yes, next month, on [dates]. Will you need me to change that? [Current Boss] said you might, but it’s a family thing, and we’ve already got hotel reservations made, and—”

New Boss: “Of course not. My system shows you requested that months ago. You go on your trip, and have a great time! Now, my system also shows that you’ve got a few vacation days left this year. I’d love to get that scheduled, if you know when you want to take it.”

Me: “Well, I wanted to find out what your blackout dates are, and then schedule it around that.”

New Boss: “My what now?”

Me: “Your blackout dates. [Current Boss] has a list of dates that I’m not allowed to request off. What are yours?”

New Boss: “Uh… I don’t do that.”

Me: “You don’t?”

New Boss: “Of course not. That’s completely unfair to you. Now, what time did YOU want off?”

Me: “Well, I’d really like some time off the week of Christmas… but only if that’s not an inconvenience to you.”

New Boss: “Excellent. Email me the specific dates. It doesn’t look like anyone has requested off that week yet. And just so you know, as long as you get your vacation requests in early, you’ll get approved. As long as the whole department doesn’t take off the same day or week, we’re fine. How does that sound?”

Me: “…That sounds like the best thing I’ve heard all day.”

New Boss: “Great. Now, have an awesome day, and I’ll see you next week!”

(I hang up, practically jumping up and down in my chair. My current boss comes by.)

Current Boss: “Well?”

Me: “I don’t have to change anything next month, and I can take time off the week of Christmas!”

Current Boss: “…I was totally thinking about giving you that time off at Christmas.”

Me: “Uh-huh. Last month, you said I couldn’t because—”

Current Boss: “I KNOW WHAT I SAID! I WAS THINKING ABOUT IT!” *stomps off*

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