Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

| Working | January 23, 2016

(I am 4’10” tall and rarely wear makeup. Because of this, people often think I’m much younger than my actual age. While eating at a buffet with my mom, baby sister, and grandparents, the waitress come over to take our drink order.)

Waitress: “What would you all like to drink?”

Me: “I’ll have an iced tea please, with lemon.”

Waitress: *looks over at my mom, as if to confirm it is ok to get that*

Mom: *confused look* “She can have whatever she wants! I’ll have a [Soda].”

Waitress: *surprised look on her face* “I’m sorry; it’s just that when I was a kid, we weren’t allowed to have caffeine and I wanted to make sure it was okay.”

Mom: *really confused look* “My daughter is an adult. In fact, she’ll be 21 in a couple of months!”

Waitress: *turns various shades of red from embarrassment* “Oh, my gosh. I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize… I was just… She looks so young… I’m so sorry… I’ll, I’ll just go get your drinks.” *leaves the table without getting the rest of the drink orders then quickly realizes and comes back to take the rest of the orders*

(Every time she came back to the table after that, she apologized.)

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