Unlucky In Cards

| Working | April 28, 2014

(I work at a card store that always has a card of the week on display at the register, as a way to single out pricier cards that we like. On this occasion, it is a card with a scrawny kid on it who flexes his non-existent muscles when you tilted the card. A couple walks up to the register.)

Girl: “Oh, hey, this looks like you!” *laughs*

Guy: “Shut up. No, it doesn’t.”

Girl: “Yeah, it does! *still laughing*

Guy: “No way!”

Girl: “Yes way!” *turns to me* “Tell him!”

Guy: “You don’t really think this looks like me, do you?!”

(Since they were fun and clearly being good-natured, I wanted to play along, but wasn’t sure whose side to play along with. I figured I’d take the middle road and let them play it out from there. What I ended up actually saying…)

Me: “Well, I mean, you’re both really masculine…”

(The girl and guy both stop laughing and stare awkwardly at me.)

Me: “I mean… umm… your total is $5.32?”

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