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Too Chicken To Do It Himself

| Romantic | April 7, 2017

(I have been dating my boyfriend for two years. He asks me to teach him how to make a family recipe that he particularly likes, so I get him started on the prep work. I am making a salad while things pre-heat. Suddenly I look around and he’s not in the kitchen area any more; he’s at his computer, still in direct line of sight. When the oven indicates that it is done preheating…)

Boyfriend: “Hey, hun, you might want to get started on that chicken.”

Me: “…excuse me? I might want to get started? What about you?”

(I walk the two steps out of the kitchen and find that he’s sending very… ah… explicit Instant Messages to another woman that we both know.)

Me: “You are literally cheating in front of me and telling me to make you dinner while you do it, when we’re both supposed to be working on this?! You know what? Fine. I guess you have a choice. You either get your a** off that thing and make your own dinner, or you stay on that thing and not get dinner at all.”

(I walked out of his apartment, leaving everything where it was, and went home. He later had the gall to complain at me over text about how I left him to struggle to figure out what to do with the semi-prepped food. And that’s why he’s my ex.)

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