Time For You To Go

| Working | December 8, 2015

(I am working a longer shift than normal to cover for a fellow employee who has to leave early for a family emergency. I work at the register from about 6:30 am-2:00 pm, taking customers’ orders. Once the other employee leaves at the time I am scheduled to leave, I cover the drive-thru speaker until the other employee’s replacement comes. After having worked the register for so long, my brain is a little stuck in that mode. The first customer drives up almost as soon as I walk over to the drive thru area and don a headset.)

Me: “Your total is $[total]. Is that for here or to go?”

(Thankfully they were good-humored about it! Then, near the end of my extra-long shift, my brain is a little fried.)

Me: *answering phone* “Thank you for calling [Bookstore in another state where I had worked over six years before]. How can I help you?”

(My coworkers just stare at me as I realize my error.)

Me: “I am SO sorry! I have had a long day. This is [RESTAURANT]!”

Customer On Phone: *laughs* “I was wondering. I didn’t even think we had one of those here!”

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