This Trick Is In A Class By Itself

| Learning | June 28, 2013

(It’s April Fools’ Day. My class decides to put a handwritten note saying “Do not enter! Water damage!” on the door before the teacher arrives.)

Teacher: “Water damage? What water damage?”

Student: “Didn’t anyone tell you about the leaking pipe in our classroom? Looks like we can’t have class today.”

Teacher: “Bummer! I guess we could all go to the cafeteria and have class there.”

(The whole class heads to the cafeteria and we can hardly hold back our laughter on the way there. We’re about to sit down when one of the lunch ladies speaks up.)

Lunch Lady: “Ma’am? What are you doing there?”

Teacher: “There’s a leaking pipe in the classroom, so I figured we could have class here.”

Lunch Lady: “Ma’am, what day is it today?”

Teacher: “April 1st. Why? Ohhh!”

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