He Had You Going-u

| Learning | June 27, 2013

(I am in Adapting Film and Literature class, learning about The Ring (the American version, adapted from Japanese film, also a book). The lecturer puts up a PowerPoint presentation and begins speaking. It has a picture of the well from the film on it. He directs us to look at him, not the board unless directed.)

Lecturer: “So the American film is very different in terms of—”

Student: “Um… is it just me, or is the well picture moving?”

Lecturer: “Very funny.” *carries on*

Student: “Holy s**t! Did anyone else see that? Look at the well!”

Lecturer: “Jokes gone far enough, now.”

(Everyone else in the class is now staring hard at the PowerPoint, and as we watch Samara (evil girl trapped in the well) crawl out over the top and towards us, people start freaking out.)

Lecturer: *creepy voice* “You will die in seven days!” *bursts out laughing*

(On the screen, the image returns to just being a well again. It’s a .GIF and our lecturer was totally trolling us.)

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